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Sagar Consultants, with its varied and years of experience in the field, understand that students require that extra competitive edge while trying to sell their profiles to the various foreign universities. This extra competitive edge can make or break their future.

Sagar Consultants helps the students make that right pitch which can help the students not only while applying for the various courses offered by these foreign universities, it would also make them confident enough to clear the entrance examinations, if any, apart from qualifying requirements such as IELTS, PTE, and Spoken English. Such qualifying examinations are not only mandatory for seeking admission into various courses in various colleges and universities across the globe, but they are equally important for clearing the visa requirements.

Sagar Consultants thus provides adequate coaching and trainings clear such entrance examination and qualifying examinations for the students aspiring and wishing to pursue their future studies in foreign lands. These coaching and trainings are regularly updated and modified based on the revised guidelines of the accrediting and testing agencies. These coaching and trainings are further customized to suit individual student requirements too. The coaching sessions include a combination of practice materials and mock tests which are updated according to the latest requirements. These customized coaching helps the students improve their test scores in important assessment tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, and other language assessment tests. These test scores are important part of the application procedures since they indicate the linguistic and academic potential of the applicants. Sagar Consultants help you improve your test scores and make your applications more impressive.

Such coaching sessions are conducted by highly trained and qualified faculties who are trained and accredited with major institutes such as British Council and IDP, among others, thus providing you the best quality and attention to perform your best. These faculties are available round the clock in order to solve your queries. We, at Sagar Consultants, believe in continuous learning and thus support our classroom coaching with online support so that the students can interact with the faculties whenever they require. Such coaching is further supported with online library along with a full time physical library at our campus which is open all round the clock so that the students can access the best collection of study material at any time of the day.

Weekly mock tests and interactive sessions help the students evaluate their performance on a regular basis while making the learning process easy and interesting. Weekly assessments help the students analyze their strengths and weaknesses thus helping them improve further. Sagar Consultants is driven by the passion of offering you the best training so that you can excel this examination and all other examinations in your future life.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

This is the most standard proficiency test accepted by institutes and universities across the world in order to understand and assess you English Language Skills. The test tries to assess your English Language Proficiency on the basis of your

  • Reading Abilities

  • Listening Abilities

  • Writing Abilities

  • Speaking Abilities

This test is conducted jointly by the University of Cambridge ESOL EXAMINATIONS, IDP- Australia, and the British Council.

This test is not only mandatory for the students who wish to pursue education in a foreign institute or university. The test is also mandatory in case you want to pursue any vocational course or even plan to immigrate. Such people need to undergo the General Training Module of the course while the students need to undertake the Academic Module of the Tests

Sagar Consultants help you score high in the tests by understanding the basics of the test, providing you the roadmap and strategies to undertake the test, provide customized trainings to help you score high on each segment of the test, provide practice questions and doubt solving interactive sessions with esteemed faculty members, apart from regular mock tests and adequate training and academic materials through our online and offline libraries to help you gain holistic knowledge about the test and the subjects.

In order to understand the test better, click on the links below:

Test Format and Details of Each Section

IELTS is a professional examination which is segmented into the four types of abilities as mentioned in the above segment. The formats of the test in order to test the ability of the candidate under these various abilities along with the examination details are as below:



Number of Questions

Duration of Examination

Type of Questions



40 questions

30 minutes

Multiple Choice



40 questions (The questions include reading three passages)

60 minutes

Multiple Choice



Essay/Report/Letter/Precis (Usually a combination of writing assignment such as report, essay, and letter)

60 minutes




3 Parts (Usually done on a one-on-one basis; generally conducted on a separate day)

10-13 minutes


Scoring Scheme of the Test

The candidates are scored on their performance in the various abilities as mentioned above on a scale of 1 to 9. The different scores along with the level of competence is mentioned below:

Score Band Scale

Level of Competence

Level 1

Non User

Level 2

Intermittent User

Level 3

Extremely Limited user

Level 4

Limited User

Level 5

Modest User

Level 6

Competent User

Level 7

Good User

Level 8

Very Good User

Level 9

Expert User

In general, candidates applying for higher education in a foreign university need to attain a score of at least 6 to be eligible for admission in an undergraduate program and at least 6.5 for admission in a postgraduate program. The result is usually made available to the students within 15 working days.

Miscellaneous Details

  • The IELTS score is valid for a period of two year in most of the countries.

  • The official website of applying for the IELTS examination is www.ielts.britishcouncil.org

  • The Score is reported within 15 days from the date of examination

  • The Test is conducted all through the year with the Test Administration Frequency to be three to four times a year.

  • The Test can be repeated at the next available date.

  • The test is a paper based test

  • The registration for the test can be done via Telephone / Mail/ Online / Sagar Consultant Centre

  • The Payment for the registration of the test can be done using a Demand Draft/Credit card / Cash

  • The test fee is usually INR 12650.



PTE (Pearson Test of English)

Pearson Test of English is another computer based English language Proficiency test which is often required for assessing the English language abilities of the people planning to study abroad or immigrate to another country for professional reasons. PTE Academic assesses the reading, listening, writing and speaking abilities of the applicants, especially non native speakers of English. This is primarily important for students who are applying at various English speaking universities or institutions imparting higher education. The PTE scores are acceptable in almost 3000 courses undertaken across the globe in countries lie USA, UK, and Australia. The PTE scores are also accepted for Visa Applications made for countries such as New Zealand, USA, UK, and Australia.

The format of PTE Examination attempts to test two skills simultaneously for an applicant. This ideally means that the applicant would be testes on listening and reading or reading and speaking abilities simultaneously. The entire test is conducted in a single session. Usually the test is for three hours and the computerized test conducted in a secure test environment. For the speaking assessment, the computer records the voice for the examinee and sends the same for marking. The results of the tests are announced within five days from the date of examination.

Sagar Consultants provide customized trainings for each section differently to each individual applicant. Such trainings also include one on one speaking sessions to improve the speaking abilities of the candidates. Sagar Consultants further help the students by training on strategies which would help them understand the test successfully. Along with this, Sagar Consultants help the students by providing one-on-one doubt clearing sessions with esteemed faculty, practice question papers to help the students prepare for the test, and organizing diagnostic tests followed by discussions on a regular basis so that the students can get a clear understanding of what is expected of them from the test.

Test Format:

The test is usually three hours long and the students are expected to undertake 20 different tasks within these three hours. Primarily the test starts with an introduction session where the student needs to provide an introduction of them. This particular introduction section is not timed or assessed.

The students then need to undertake the following assessment sections, at times simultaneously:

  • Speaking and Writing: This section is for about 77 to 93 minutes. The students need to provide a personal introduction, read aloud some segments as suggested, repeat certain sentences as guided by the assessor, describe an image provided to them, re-tell a lecture, answer some short questions, summarize a written text, and write a essay (which might take around 20 minutes).

  • Reading: This section of assessment is for 32 to 41 minutes. The students need to fill in the blanks, answer multiple choice questions, and re-order some paragraphs in this segment.

  • Listening: This assessment section is for 45 to 57 minutes. Under this assessment section, the students need to summarize the spoken text, attempt multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, highlight the correct summary, highlight incorrect words, take a dictation and write it, and select missing words to assess their listening skills.

The examination fees vary from country to country. However, the fees usually are in the range of USD 150 to USD 210.


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