University of the West of Scotland (UWS)

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University of the West of Scotland (UWS)

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Free Services

Sagar Consultants strives to be your complete educational assistant, especially, when you want to go to a foreign country in order to undertake a course. Sagar Consultants provides complete services starting with providing relevant educational counseling to providing visa application services and providing post visa landing services even after the student arrives at the foreign country for the purpose of gaining education.

Beyond such services, Sagar Consultants also provides some other free services to all the students enrolled with Sagar Consultants. Such services help meet the holistic aim of facilitating the dream of education for the students. Some of such free services provided by Sagar Consultants include:

  • Counseling Services in order to choose the appropriate career path: Sagar Consultants helps the students with guidance from dedicated career counselors who are experienced in their fields and arrange one-on-one discussion sessions with the students such that they can choose the best career path and goal among all the available careers, depending on their abilities, aptitudes, and requirements.

  • Providing Assistance in Fulfilling the Admission Procedures: Sagar Consultants helps the students in choosing and applying to various colleges and universities across countries and completing the entire mandatory documentation process as stipulated by the colleges, institutes, and universities.

  • Helping in drafting various documents: Sagar Consultants helps the students holistically while they apply for a foreign course or degree. The application procedure includes various documents such as writing a statement of purpose for taking admission, writing a covering letter for applying to any course and writing an application while applying for Visa. Sagar Consultants helps the students in drafting such documents following the acceptable norms and standards.

  • Keeping track of the IELTS and PTE examination dates and making adequate arrangements for the students enrolled with Sagar Consultants: Students enrolled with Sagar Consultants are completely our responsibility. Therefore, on behalf of the students, Sagar Consultants regularly tracks and keep informing the test dates and test centers for the qualifying examinations to the students. Further, it is our responsibility to confirm the dates and venue for the students upon their confirmation.

  • Providing Assistance in getting Bank Loans: Most of the students opting for a foreign education require taking a bank loan. Sagar Consultants helps them complete the procedure of applying for an education loan and fulfilling the requirements of various banks in order to avail the best education loan at the cheapest interest rate and fastest processing.

  • Helping in Obtaining the Police Clearance Certificate: Sagar Consultants also helps the students get a valid Police Clearance Certificate which has been made mandatory, especially for the temporary visa holders (students) and immigrants, following the security norms of the countries the students are applying to.

  • Providing Assistance in obtaining Medical Test and Certificates: While applying to various countries, the students, especially those traveling on temporary and immigrant visas, might require fulfilling the mandatory medical test and requirements as prescribed by the university and colleges. Sagar Consultants helps the students in taking appointments on the behalf of students and further providing them assistance with documents and other requirements, as prescribed by the college or university, in obtaining a valid medical certificate.

  • Providing Evaluation of Educational Credentials: Most of the institutes and universities in USA, Australia and Europe require an assessment of the educational qualifications, skill assessments, and credentials of the students prior to applying for a relevant course at these universities. Sagar Consultants also manages such evaluations of educational credentials on behalf of the students and the universities.

  • Providing Evaluation of Documents: Prior to applying for visas under various categories, the applicants need to arrange certain documentary evidences to support their experiences and credentials. Sagar Consultants help the applicants get their documents evaluated and checked thoroughly in order to maintain application standards as prescribed by the authorities. The applicants are further helped with making requisite changes if in case Sagar Consultants finds any discrepancies in the documents.

  • Providing various Pre-Departure Services: Sagar Consultants also provides various Pre-Departure services to students and people planning to visit any other country with guidance and counseling on topics such as :

    • Medical coverage

    • Overseas insurance

    • Banking

    • Money transfer facility

    • List of things people need to carry while traveling to a distant land

    • Preparing them with the questions and other requirements at the port of their entry into another country

    • Informing about the weather conditions

    • Providing a brief overview of the country, people, and the culture of the country

    • Providing important contact numbers which can be contacted in case of any emergency

Sagar Consultants also help the applicants by providing assistance in getting appropriate financial assistance, travel assistance, Forex assistance, guiding students on Scholarships, providing visa assistance, and other post departure services.


SAGAR CONSULTANTS has more than 11+ years of experience and expertise in the field of overseas education and immigration with a success rate of 95%. On an average 4000+ clients live their dream for Overseas Career through SAGAR CONSULTANTS every year.

  • The company has international presence with offices in UK and India.
  • Sagar Consultants has managed and maintained the standards to achieve highest visa success ratio.
  • We have tie-ups with more than 500+ Universities, Colleges and Institutes reputed and renowned for their education.