University of the West of Scotland (UWS)

2019-01-31 | 14:00 - 15:30 at Anand

University of the West of Scotland (UWS)

2019-01-30 | 15:00 - 18:00 at Vadodara



Sagar Consultants, the real immigration experts can truly prepare a candidate for a life abroad. We live in a global age where we are no longer shackled by physical borders. Businesses, education and even families have the potential to go beyond international boundaries. However, it becomes extremely important to know about immigration laws and policies. This makes the role of an immigration consultant extremely important. It is essential to ensure that all application processes and documentation for immigration and citizenship are handled with utmost care. As such it becomes imperative to turn to a reliable immigration consultant such as Sagar Consultants

Sagar Consultants provide immigration services that are the best in the industry. We have a dedicated team of immigration experts and immigration attorneys who are dedicated to your immigration requirements and ensure a smooth transition into your destination country.  Whether it is Australia,Canada, UK, USA or any other country, our immigration experts will guide you throughout the overseas immigration process. The knowledge base of our overseas immigration experts is vast and ever expanding. With a smooth workflow, our immigration consultants maintain the strictest of standards in dealing with our clients, consulates and immigration regulatory bodies.

How to immigrate?

Immigration Process can be through many different paths, which will depend on your educational and professional background as well as your personal preferences. The sheer number of paths available makes it confusing and the services of a really good immigration consultant can be vital in your successful migration.following are some guidance for immigration :

- There is a multi-faceted system for immigration for the country.
-Skilled as well as semi-skilled and agricultural workers are welcomed by respective country federal and provincial governments.
-The most popular avenue for immigration to any country is the Express Entry stream which works on a points-based system.
-Other pathways for immigration to different countries are work-permit visa, which allows its holder to work in a particular country for a limited amount of time. -A person can choose to extend a work permit and apply for permanent residence without living the country.
-Another excellent method for immigrating to any country is to enter the country as a student and then gain experience in a respective country's company and gain extra points to migrate through the Express Entry.

Sagar Consultants provide services for every stage of your immigration process.


SAGAR CONSULTANTS has more than 11+ years of experience and expertise in the field of overseas education and immigration with a success rate of 95%. On an average 4000+ clients live their dream for Overseas Career through SAGAR CONSULTANTS every year.

  • The company has international presence with offices in UK and India.
  • Sagar Consultants has managed and maintained the standards to achieve highest visa success ratio.
  • We have tie-ups with more than 500+ Universities, Colleges and Institutes reputed and renowned for their education.