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Spouse & Dependent visa

If you are looking for answers on how to bring your spouse and children to the country in which you are living then we can assist you in the best way. Dependent Visa can help you reunite with your spouse and children with you in a short time span. The Dependent Visa is for the spouse and dependent children which mainly allow them to come to respective country on temporary basis. But, can also depend on the status of the sponsor. In particular, the spouse dependent visa is a visa permit which allows you to sponsor your spouse in country in which you are already living as well as allows him/her to work on spouse dependent work permit.

Sagar Consultants can help you bring your spouse and dependent children in the following ways with the help of spouse dependent visa.


Under this category, you can bring your spouse on a study permit and studying in a well-renowned institution, college or university for a year. As a result, the spouse can apply for a spouse dependent work permit visa under which he/she will be granted to work in respective country based on their permit. You can take help Sagar consultants who can guide you for proper documentation and in approximately 8-10 weeks span of time, your visa gets approved and you can meet your spouse.

Some basic things that you should keep in mind:

– The visa holder should be of 18 years and live in respective country.
– You must present a valid source of funds to bring your spouse on dependent visa.
– You must show valid relationship proofs.


Under this category, the sponsor is on work permit and can sponsor his/her spouse for spouse dependent work permit where he/she can work up to 40 hours/week on full-time basis and legally. The spouse visa tenure will be similar to the permit holder where they can find work which falls under National Occupation Classification (NOC) skill levels. Also,  dependent visa services can be extended if the work permit holder has a valid reason for the extension. The time period for processing of the application for spouse dependent work permit visa remains the same 8-10 weeks.

If the sponsor has got permanent residency then he/she can invite his/her spouse under spouse dependent visa. Under this category, the spouse directly gets PR based on the sponsor’s PR in respective. Also, the spouse can apply for spouse dependent work permit application if she wants to work in respective after getting PR. The usual time for processing of permanent resident dependent application is 8-10 weeks .

One such peculiar spouse visa consultants are Sagar Consultants who hold expertise in immigration since more then 11 years. Bring your spouse and children with you with the help of Sagar consultancy.


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